26 Apr 2018 St Andrews (United Kingdom)


We invite you to join us for the Scottish Exoplanet / Brown Dwarf Spring meeting 2018 which will be held in the MUSA Learning Loft at the University of St Andrews.

Date: 26 April 2018, meeting start 10:30h, end 17:00h

Doors open 10:00h and coffee + energisers & lunch  will be provided. No registration fee.

The format of the  Scottish Exoplanet / Brown Dwarf Spring meeting 2018 in St Andrews:

Updates on space and ground-based facilities' involvement

10:00h: Coffeee & Tea
10:30h (30+10mins): MIRI/JWST  -- Alistair Glasse
10:40h (30+10mins): SUPAscopes, Danish 1.54m @ La Silla, GravityCam -- Martin Dominik
11:20h: Student talks (incl.: Niall Whiteford, Amy Parent, Ben Taysum)
12:30h: Lunch
13:30h (30+10mins): ExoMars         -- Claire Cousins
14:10h (30+10mins): LSST              -- Alex Scholz
14:50h (30+10mins): CHEOPS         -- Andrew C. Cameron
15:30h: Discussion, incl. GAIA : first Gaia data with Paralaxes - play with ideas

Previous meetings:  SEBD5, SEBD4SEBD3SEBD2SEBD1



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